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Hours & Email addresses of Cadman Towers office staff

Mary Egrie - marye@tudorrealty.com Property Manager

Tanya Casilla - tanyac@tudorrealty.com Assistant Property Manager

Office hours at 101 Clark St.: Mon-Tues-Thurs 9-5,  Wed 9-7,  Fri 9-2














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The Cadman Towers Holiday Party - 2009
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Photos by Glen Nison


Learn about the history and evolution of our own neighborhood.  Click above to see Karl Junkersfeld's new 7.5 minutes video on Cadman Plaza and Downtown Brooklyn.  Interesting comments on this video at the Brooklyn Heights Blog website.
(Karl's video on the whole of Brooklyn Heights, including Cadman, is here.)

Before Cadman


The Brooklyn Heights Blog has posted a whole series of photos taken in 1961 of Cadman Plaza before the area was re-built. They are certainly worth a look-see at .http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/8987.  Check the comments too.

Mr. Ronald Williams: 25 years at Cadman Towers

Original floorplans for 101 Clark Street and 10 Clinton Street
 Farewell party for Dell Avery photos
Click here of an updated list: Cadman Towers Board of Directors & Officers


Email addresses of Cadman Towers office staff

Mary Egrie - marye@tudorrealty.com Property Manager

Tanya Casilla - tanyac@tudorrealty.com Assistant Property Manager

Office hours at 101 Clark St.: Mon-Tues-Thurs 9-5,  Wed 9-7,  Fri 9-2



Get Adobe Reader  Any comments or difficulties downloading or printing these floorplans, please email us at webmaster@cadmantowers.net






Farewell party
for Dell  Avery
who has worked for Cadman Towers for 17 years.
May 25, 2005 in the 101 Community Room

Photos by Glen Nison and Bob Rowen

Seasons at Cadman Towers
...thanks to photographers Jim Murray and Bob Phillips


...and an acknowledgement to our warm weather heroes:


101 Clark Street
Gardening Group

Dear Neighbors:

We hope that you are enjoying the "gardens" at the entranceway to 101 and the
newly beautified 3rd floor deck.

Thanks to the cooperators and staff members who have been instrumental in
this project. Our gratitude and thanks to Jim Murray, of 10 Clinton Street, who
has been unselfish and generous with his time, knowledge, advice, encouragement
and elbow grease; we could not have done this without him. Members of the
Volunteer Garden Group have donated energy, money and floral plants, as have
cooperators. Our Manager, Luis Pineda and his staff, Paul Tornabene and the
maintenance staff, Ron, Caesar and many others have been especially supportive and

We would like to add to the flowers and small bushes that have already been
planted and encourage cooperators to contribute autumn plants, such as
chrysanthemums. Please mark them with your name and apartment number and leave them
with the Security Guard----we will do the rest. Thank you.

101 Clark Street Volunteer Gardening Group:

Bob Phillips               Gloria Robinson          Bethy Victorin           
Gabe Ford                  Diana Campbell           Sybil Gowdy              
Tony Soll                    Marissa Afton              Jan Hoffman          
Walter Roberts           Marjorie Miller             Sheila Marks



Click here for pictures of our Holiday Party.
Then click on any image for a larger one.
(Thanks to Peter & Elaine Sohn for making this possible!)

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New Laundry Rooms Open

Good morning,
   Enclosed please find our first Cooperator to use our new machines here at
10 Clinton.  Everyone so far seems pleased with the room.  Additional photos
will follow [...& are below -ed.].

Jim Murray
10 Clinton



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A service for Cadman Towers Cooperators


From Jim Murray, 10 Clinton

A good deed "Mass Transit" story:
 May 8th, 2002

Boy, what a Birthday I had today. I decided this morning that I was going to St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan to light a candle for my Birthday, so long and behold I hop on the uptown #4 Express train and connect to the uptown #6 local at 42nd St. I get on the #6 Local and there is a duffle bag directly under my seat. So now I am thinking that someone had left, gotten off the train and forgot their bag. I picked up the bag and got off the next stop, which is my stop (51st.). Never thinking that it may have contained a bomb. Inside the bag were blueprint, floor plans for several apartments including an apt in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, also the gentleman's stock portfolio worth over one Million dollars, along with an expensive Olympus camera.

The gentleman who forgot it worked as a top consulting engineer for a firm on 42nd St. I continued to St. Patrick's for the 12 noon mass. I returned home and decided to call him. The guy was so happy that I found his belongings. He said that he never thought his things would be returned. He said that he would send over his assistant by car service to pick up the bag this evening. I mentioned to him that I was on my way to St. Patrick's to light a candle for my Birthday and that I took 3 pictures of the church while I had the camera. He went hysterical laughing. I had to try out the camera since I was purchasing one in a couple of days.

The end of the story was that his assistant came by around 6:30pm, picked up the bag and handed me an envelope with my name on it. I decided since I was rushing to go out to dinner with friends in Manhattan, that I would open the envelope at the restaurant. I opened the envelope and inside was 5 twenty dollar bills.

Now I can put this money toward that new camera I promised myself.

"Pays to be honest"

James Murray, Bklyn Heights, N.Y. 



A photo album
 of our 2001 Holiday Party
MVC-007S.jpg (38344 bytes)

Click here for a photo album of the May 20, 2001
 Tag Sale

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We got our email forwarding a little backwards and apologize for the delay in responding but here are a few responsesů

HOWJIM2@aol.com  wrote, "Good Luck...........All the best on your new website, can't wait to see the final results...... Is there some sort of committee working on this website....."

No, but if you'd like to start one, give me a call:  Bob Rowen 834-1414.  And anyone else...

upbeat@pipeline.com  wrote " Hello Webmaster! Nice job! Great photo of the building - without the scaffolding! How about a cooperators forum - ideas which work, vendors who are reliable, workmen who are not, tips on keeping the apartment hot/cold.... ways to manage during the facade work... Whatever...Let's see what happens with the website. Good luck, and thanks for volunteering!. "

brookspace@mindspring.com  wrote, "Just checked out the Cadman site. Your ideas are great. It will be really good looking when complete. What are the next steps to make cooperators more aware of the site and get their input?"

Fermaint@aol.com wrote  "just wanted to send a note and say how great it will be to have a web page."

CadmanResident@aol.com  brought up a serious response to one of our thoughts:
"To whom it may concern:  This is only a suggestion. Click onto the "Parkchester" website. As you can see, one of the icons reads "Contact us". Parkchester has decided not to have email forwarded to their office.  Cadman Towers can have residents fill out a complaint form on the computer and place it in a box which can be located in the lobby of 101 Clark St. and 10 Clinton St.  Trust me, you don't want to have 100 or more emails to tend too.  This is suggestion that you may want to consider."

Just the kind of input we need.  Join the committee!

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