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I did not invent this, although I and a colleague from my college published it two years ago, in Georgetown University’s journal National Security Studies Quarterly, which you can access on the World Wide Web at their website.
This is based on US strategic policy and national security directives from the 1980s, from the administration of President Reagan.
Key points:
Information content as well as technology are strategic instruments, used globally, to improve our national security.
The Information environment is both a physical place and a context.
The physical place is cyberspace.  I define cyberspace as the electronic realm in which global connectivity exists, and in which computer networks function.  For those of us who are soldiers or airmen, its also where electronic warfare is waged.  It is becoming increasingly dominant in business, economics, politics, and warfare.
The information environment is also context, in HOW humans use and are affected by information.  Does anyone not understand the question “what’s the political environment?”  You cannot locate it physically, but it’s real!  How do human beings use what I call the “wetware”…we have hardware, software, and “wetware”…that’s the part between our ears…  how do we apply meaning to the information?