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America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets

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The Yankee boy that went to sea from 99 to 43. By Horace J. Lane. [n. p.] [n. d.]

Lane, Horace J.

American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 10

THE YANKEE BOY that went to SEA from 1799 TO 1843

When Freedom in Europe was struggling for breath,
An vile opposition put thousands to death
She spread out her wings, and flew over the sea,
And she here built her nest in this land of the free,

She cherished her brood with a vigelent care,
And showed them of tyranny how to beware.
And when they were tempted with green and Bohea,
Said freedom come boys let us pour out the Tea,

Plain truth was their standard, they stuck to their Dame,
They battled for justice, they played a right game
The tyrants of Briton were force'd to flee,
And Heaven o'ershadowed this land of the Free.

In the year 89 as my parents did say
I drew my first breath on a cold winters day,
But a friend that came with me, has warmed me with cheer
For our good Constitution just then did appear.

In the year 99 when I was a small boy
I entered a ship in our nations employ
The French were then capturing our ships on the sea
But we forced them to strike to the Flag of the Free.

Some Frenchmen would fight us and others would run,
We chased them so close that we took 21,
And when we got Home I was happy to see,
We had brightened the stars and the stripes of the Free

Then greedy proud Britons were ill at their eese
To see our trade flourish all o'er the high seas
Our seamen they pressed in their Navy to be,
And Grossly insulted our Flag of the Free.

In my own country ships I delighted to sail,
And ride on the wave, in the calm or the gale,
From one of these ships I was dragged away,
Three years as a slave in their Navy to stay.

When my prospect was fair to be useful through life,
I was cast in a den of confusion and strife,
Their viceous example was satans best school,
So when they had stole me they made me their fool.

They tried all their skill for to Baffle our trade,
They thought they could keep us poor Yankees affraid.
And when we resisted in 12 and 14,
Their vengence was great, and their malice was keen.

In all of those troubles I had to be there,
Imprest and in prison and in Battles did share,
In the Brig General Armstrong I was in Fayal,
Where poor British Seamen by scores had to fall.

Since the year 89 many changes I've seen'
Under all of our Presidents now just 15
I came with the first one with honour and fame,
And I hope with this last one to share just the same.

I know very well what George Washington said,
He speaks to me now though he long has been dead,
He said if our nation will always be Free,
Each man for himself must a Moral man be.

I have had a long life mixt with pleasure and pain,
But I know that Gods Mercy has not been in vain,
For Jesus has showed me the Truth, Life and way,
And I know he does help me his call to obey.

This is my own experience, Composed and written by myself, no Fiction.


Stamped: 1530

American Song Sheets

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