Letter from Captain Robert Lloyd,
September, 1814,
after the scuttling of the General Armstrong.
(from the Public Record Office, Kew, England.  Used with permission.)


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Robert Lloyd Esq., Captain of His Majesty's Ship Plantagenet

To his Excellency the Governor of Fayal


Having been informed that several British Subjects are among the Crew of

the late American Privateer General Armstrong now on Shore, and that two of

them in particular, formerly belonging to His Majesty's Ship Guerriere,

where I had the Honour to command her, I am induced to request you will from

the good Understanding subsisting between your Royal Master Prince Regent of

Portugal and His Britannic Majesty's the above men to be

given up to me as Traitors to their king and Country that they may be sent

to England and tried according to the Law of Nations for their Offence.

And in Consequence of the great number of American Seamen now on Shore and

from the Knowledge of their general Conduct I have not the least Doubt they

will attempt to seize on some British Subject (?) when unprotected by the

Presence of His Britannic Majesty's Ships. I have(?) to beg you will either

cause them immediately to leave the Island or be put in Confinement that the

above Event may be avoided. Otherwise I shall be under the Necessity of

leaving one of the Ships under my Orders to cruize (sic) off this Port for

the Protection of British Property and prevent American Privateers

rendezvousing in the Roads.


I have the Honor to be

Sig./ Robt Lloyd Captain

To His Excellency the

Governor of Fayal

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