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A list of sites Bob Rowen hosts, has designed and/or is webmaster of:

Top favorites Websites,  Portraits and Studio Photography The New York Military Affairs Symposium
Gray and Black Radio PropagandaHeadshots and portraits at


Rent Rollbacks in NYCEmilie's Creations
Cobble Hill ServiceCobble Hill Community Supported Agriculture in
New York


Interesting People Gallery at
Makeup Artist, Visual Poet, Actress, Teacher
Lighting Workshop & photoshoot - Doron StudiosA workshop on digital photography
Alicia - an experimental model's portfolioFavorite: Lauren - proof sheet from one of my favorite shoots
Another favorite: Denton - proof sheet of a great characterTech site for Photoshop group analysis
Photo portfolio at One Model Place (archive only)  

Genealogy / Family

 A Genealogy Site for Rowen, Rankin, Mackie, & Quinn familiesThe oldest Maryknoll nun: Clarissa Mackie
Eulogy of Anne R. Mackie Enright GustinBill Rankin's page harks back many generations


Our recent consulting business: Library Automation ManagementThe Great Barrington MA libraries network (archive)



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