Modern African Military History


 Angola:Embassy in Washington,D.C
 Angola:A Country Study
 Angola Peace Monitor
 Angola Page-U.Penn
 Angola:African Giron
 Angola Page-Stanford
 ANC DAily News Briefing
 AWEPA: Angola Bulletin
 The battle of Bridge 14
 Castro Explains why Angola lost the battle against the SADF

 Castro's Secret War Exposed
 Cold War History Infromation Project
 Cold War History Information Project:New Evidence on the Cold War in Africa
 Governments on the WWW-Angola

 IPE Resources Related to Africa
 The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale
 Operation Carlota
 Operations Modular and Hooper

 SADF Press Release on Angola-1977
 Unita's Violent Campaign to reverse the Peace Process


 America Loses Military in Wave of intrigue: mercenaries the New Wave

 Bob Denard on Line
 Buffalo battalion:The Terrible Ones
 Diamond Mercenaries of Africa
 Executive Outcomes


 Outsourcing War
 Privatizing War
 Report on Mercenenaries by Un Special rapporteur


Africa Trade and Business Bulletin:Namibia
CIA Factbook on Namibia
Constitution of namibia

 Index on Africa:Namibia
 Jeff's namibia Page

 Military Chronicle of SouthWest Africa
 Namibia Page-Columbia University
 Namibia Page-U.Penn
 Namibia Institute for democracy
 The namibian:Online
 OneWorld Newsservice:Namibia

 Republic of Namibia Homepage


 Anglo Boer Web Archive
 Army Talk Web Archive
 Boer data
 Buffalo Battalion
 Covos Books
 Dae West's South Africasn Aviation Page
 Dovey's Army Pages

 Government Communication and Infromation Systems( South Africa)
 Institute for Security Studies

 Natal Carabineers

 Rhodesia and South African Military History

 Sentinel Projects

 South African Airborne
 South African National Defense Force

 SAAF Unofficial Page
 SADC Military Intervention in Lesotho


 Echoes of an Africa War

 Fire Force
 Images of a War

 Rhodesia and South Africa military history
 The Rhpdesian Insurgency
 Operation Quartz

 Operation Uric

 Political Prisoners in South Africa
 Report on the 1980's Disturbances in Matableland and the Midlands
 regimnets and Corps of the Rhodesian Army
 Rhodesians at War
 Rhodesian Memories
 Rhodesia's Selous Scouts
 Security Force Auxiliaries

 The Rhodesian Light Infantry
 The Development of Southern Rhodesia's Military system
 The Hunyani Disaster

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