African Studies Resources
 Ancient Chinese Warfare
 Ancient Egypt
 Ancient and Medieval Studies Reading Room-Columbia University
 Alexander the Great
 Alexander the Great History Project
 An Interactive View of the Peloponnesian War

 Ancient Medicine
 Ancient warfare
 The Ancient World Web
 Asian Studies-The Virtual Library
 The Black Athena Debate
 The Catapult Museum On-Line
 The Etruscan Network
 Egypt-U.of Chicago
 Exlporing Ancient World Cultures
 Greek and Roman History
 Guide to Southeast Asia Resources-U.of Wisconsin
 Hannibal:The Battle of Trasimeno
  History of Ancient Egypt
  The Internet Classics Archive

 Index of Resources for Historians
 Japanese Swords and Sword Arts

Jay's Roman History Pages
 Latin American Studies-WWW Virtual Library
 Mesoptamia-U.of Chicago
 Middle East Studies-Columbia University
 Models of the Roman Legion
 The Oriental Institute-U.of Chicago
  Peloponnesian War(431-404 B.C)-Canadian Forces College
 Perseus Project
  The Peloponnesian War
 Philosophy in Cyberspace
 Punic Wars-Canadian Forces College
 The Roman Empire Website
 Roman Empire-Yahoo!
 Roman Essays
 Roman Perseus
 Rulers of the Roman and Byzantine Empires
 Russian and East European Studies-WWW VL
 South Asian Resource Access on the Internet
  Sun Tzu The Art of War
  Sun Tzu's The Art of War
 Sun Tzu Art of War Bibliography
 The Society of Ancient Military Historians
 Starr East Asian Library Resources-Columbia University
 West European Studies Virtuall Library
 The World Wide Web Virtual Library-Asian Studies

 Warfare in the Roman World
 World of the Vikings

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