Crisis in Kosovo- Institute of East Central Europe-Columbia University

Balkans Chronology-U.S Naval War College

Making Sense of Yugoslavia

Yahoo Full Coverage KLA says Disarmament Deadline Met

Yahoo Full Coverage-Opposition Rallies Against Milosevic

Yahoo Full Coverage on Kosovo

Total Cost of Allied Air Force Campaign:A Preliminary Estimate- Steven Kosiak-CBSA

After the War:Kosovo Peacekeeping Operations could cost the U.S $2-3.5 Billion a Year-Steven Kosiak-CBSA

The Center for Budgetary and Strategic Assessments

Milosevic's Address to the Nation-June 11,1999

Serbian Ministry of Information

Clinton's Address to the Nation-June 11,1999

Text of the Military Agreement-The Online Newshour

Full Text of the UN Resolution Draft on Kosovo

Washington Post-Full Post Coverage on the Balkans

NATO Crisis in Yugoslavia-Los Angeles Times

Legal Guide to the Oeace Agreement for Kosovo-The Jurist Network

Latest Wire Stories on Peace Process in Kosovo-Yahoo

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Federation of American Scientists-Target Kosovo The best web site to explore open information on the air campaign. Lots of political, military and hardware information. Their  Iraq Crisis  website at  Federation of American Scientists  is also excellent for technical and political-military resources.
Balkans Internet Resources-Hokkaido University A splendid collection of books,artciles and data on the Balkans. This is part of the larger website at Hokkaido's Slavic Research Center
Crisis in the Former Yugoslavia, Editorial Cartoons
Daryl  Cagles  Professional Cartoonists Index  with a special collection of political satire on the war in the Balkans. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Public List of Missing Persons in Kosovo
A list of several of the thousands of Kosovars missing as a result of "ethnic cleansing".
H-Net Habsburg Web Syllabi on East Central and Balkans History
This includes websites for a wide variety of online-history courses with links. This is part of   H-Net,Humanities and Social Sciences On-Line , an inter-disciplinary organization of scholars devoted to exploring the immense educational potential of the Internet. Over 100 discussion groups in the humanites and social-sciences are active at  H-Net
The Balkan Region-Amnesty International
Amnesty International reports and information on the Balkans.
Kosovo-Focus on Human Rights-Human Rights Watch
The latest HRW reports and news flashes on the war in Kosovo.
The latest updates on the Kosovo crisis fron NATO headquarters with all the briefings,maps and imagery to date.
Yahoo Full Coverage on the Kosovo Crisis
Yahoo's excellent assemblage  of a wide variety of sources on the conflict over Kosovo.
Russian and East European Network Information Center

REESWEB-Russian and East European Studies Internet Resources

Key Points of Plan to Defuse the Crisis-Washington Post-5/7/99
Text of G-8 Statement on Kosovo-5/6/99
Full text of Yugoslav Ceasefire Offer-BBC-4/6/99
Nato Response to Ceasefire Offer-4/6/99
Draft Kosovo Interim Agreement-January 27,1999
Interim Agreement for Peace and  Self Government in Kosovo-February 23,1999
Agreement for Self-Government in Kosmet-March 18,1999-Serrb Counter-proposal
Legal Guide to the Kosovo Conflict A collection of different resources, including treaties and peace proposals, on the current conflict. This is compiled by the Jurist:The Law Professors Newtwork , hosted at the University of Pittsburgh.
Text of the Yugoslav Statement on the Partial Troop Withdrawl-May 11,1999


Apache Attack Helicopter Homepage has interesting technical information on the Apache Helicopter. The  Program Executive Office Aviation
also has information on other weapons systems such as the Comanche.

A Plan for the Employment of an Armored Corps in the Balkans-U.S Armor School,1952
A staff office paper during the Cold War
Advanced technology and Future Warfare-Eliot Cohen and Zeev Bonen-Mideast and security Policy Studies,No.28-Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
A look at the Military revolution by a key participant in the Gulf War Air Campaign Study.

Analysis of Ground Warfare Option -Stratfor
Three part analysis of ground options for NATO. This is part of the Kosovo Crisis Center at  Stratfor.Com
Air University Library-Bibliographies
A compilation of bibliographies on such topics as  Air Campaign Planning
and  Yugoslavia(Former) and Post-Yugoslavia Crisis
FAS-Target Kosovo
Updated daily-the best web site for continuing coverage on the air campaign in Kosovo

Future War:An Assessment of Air Campaigns in 2010-Jeffrey Barnett
A intriguing look into the next 20 years of how airpower will be increasingly be used as an tool for coercion and terror.
The Balkan Air Campaign Study-Part1-Col.Robert Owen,USAF-Airpower Journal -Summer 1997
The Balkan Air Campaign Study-Part 2-Col.Robert Owen,USAF-Airpower Journal-Fall 1997
These two articles are an unclassified summary of the multi-volume study the AirForce conducted on the use of air power during Operation Deliberate Force in 1995. This campaign lasted 22 days in 1995 and included over 200 fighter and 70 support aircarft. They dropped 1026 weapons as opposed to the 227,840 during Desert Storm. The key difference was that the vast majority were precision-guided munitions(PGM's). Approximately 708 weapons were PGM's. NATO planners were added by the ground offensives launched by the rebuilt Croatian military and Bosnian Muslim's that resulted in the "ethnic cleansing" of several hundred thousand Serbs. But, it was the use of airpower in Deliberate Force and the heavy reliance on PGM's that had an influence on NATO in the ongoing campaign,  Operation Allied Force .

Heart of the Storm:Genesis of the Air Campaign Against Iraq-Colonel Richard T.Reynolds,USAF
Thunder and Lightining:Desert Storm and the Airpower Debates-Colonel Edward Mann,III,USAF
A two-volume analysis on the air war in 1990-91 during the Gulf War.

Myths of the Gulf War-Dr. Grant T. Hammond-Airpower Journal Fall 1998

The Air War in El Salvador-Dr.James Corum-Airpower Journal Summer 1998

FAS-Iraq Crisis Similar in scope to the  FAS Target Kosovo  collection of information, current up to date information on the
air campaign over Iraq
The Effectiveness of Air Interdiction during the Korean War-Robert Mossman,OCMH,1966

British Air Control:A Model for the Application of Airpower in Low intensity Conflict- Captain David Parson,USAF-Airpower Journal-Summer 1994

Impact of Precision Weapons on Air Combat Operations-LTG Buster Glosson,USAF-Airpower Journal-Summer,1993
Marching Under Darkened Skies:The American Military and the Impending Urban Operations Threat- R.W Glenn- Rand Study
Planning Air Operations:Lessons from Operation Strangle in the Korean War-LTC Michael Kirtland-Airpower Journal-Summer 1992

The Vulture and the Snake: Counter-Guerrilla Air Warfare- The War in Southern Lebanon-Shmuel Gordon-Mideast Security and Policy Studies,No.39-July 1998-Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

Crisis in Kosovo-A CSIS Web Focus This includes Anthony Cordesmans updated assessment of the NATO air campaign and land options
United States Air Force Intelligence Targeting Guide
United States Strategic Bombing Survey-Pacific Theater,1946
United States Strategic Bombing Survey-European Theater,1946


German Anti-Guerrilla Operations in the Balkans-1941-1944-CMH Publication-104-18
German Campaign in the Balkans(Spring 1941)-CMH Publication 104-4
Foreign Military Studies Office
Foreign Military Studies Office-Europe Publications
South Balkans Reports Index-International Crisis Group
Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkans History(The Balkans in the Age of Nationalism)-Dr Steven Sowards course from Swarthmore College

The Third Balkan War and How it will End-Michael G. Roskin-Parameters,Autumn 1994
The Future of German Operations Outside Nato-Karlo Heinz-Borner-Parameters,Spring 1996
Peace and Stability Operations in Bosnia-Michael Manwaring-Parameters,Winter 1998
Thicker than Water? Kin,Religion and Conflict in the Balkans- P.H Liotta and Anna Simmons-Parameters,Winter,1998
SFOR in Bosnia in 1997:A Watershed Year-John L.Cirafici-Parameters,Spring 1999
Grunt Diplomacy:In the Beginning there were only Soldiers-Tony Cucolo-Parameters,Spring 1999
The Role of the Political Adviser in Peacekeeping Operations-David A.Lange-Parameters, Spring 1999
Parameters-U.S Army War College Quarterly

The Strategist and the Web:A Guide to Internet Resources- James Kievit and Steven Metz-Startegic Studies Institute
An excellent compendium of on-line sources fgor researching grand strategy,strategy and operational art.

A wide selection of articles from the  The New York Review of Books .They contain a wide ranging and informed analysis of a wide variety of political,social and historical issues pertaining to the present situation in the Balkans.

The Conscience of Yugoslavia-Noam Chomsky-New York Review of Books-January 7,1971

The Precarious Country-Willam Shawcross-New York Review of Books-July 14.1977

Greece's Other History-L.S Stavrianos-New York Review of Books-June 14,1971

The Outlaw-Neal Ascherson-New York Review of Books-November 30,1972

The Repression at Belgrade University-New York Review of Books-February 7,1974

What should be fought for?-Mihaljo Mihaljov-New York Review of Books-February 22,1979

The Cold War Revisited-Arthur Schlesinger-New York Review of Books-October 25,1979

The Uprooted-Neal Ascherson-New York Review of Books-August 14,1980

The Boss-Irving Howe-New York Review of Books-January 22,1981

Progress of a Revolutionary-Nora Beloff-New York Review of Books- April 11,1985

A Conglomerate Country-Istvan Deak-New York Review of Books-November 7,1985

No Place for Them-Neal Ascherson-New York Review of Books-February 27,1986

The Yugoslav Partisans-Vladimir Dedijer-New York Review of Books-July 17,1986

Yugoslavia and the British-M.C Wheeler-New York Review of Books-September 25,1986

The Waldheim File-Gordon Craig-New York Review of Books-October 9,1986

Does Central Europe Exist?-Timothy Garton Ash-New York Review of Books-October 9,1986

Yugosalvia:The Awakening-Michael Scammel-New York Review of Books-June 28,1990

The New Yugoslavia-Michael Scammel-New York Review of Books-July 19,1990

Yugoslav Troubles- Nora Beloff-New York Review of Books-August 16,1990

The New Yugoslavia-An Exchange-Qunitin Hoare-New York Review of Books-October 11,1990

The Plight of Kosovo-Joint Letter-New York Review of Books-April 11,1991

Nationalists and Democrats-Connor Cruise O'Brien-New York Review of Books-August 15,1991

Casualty of the Cold War-Ronald Steel-New York Review of Books-September 26,1991

The Anatomy of Collapse-Roderick MacFarquar-New York Review of Books- September 26,1991

The Massacre of Yugoslavia-Misha Glenny-New York Review of Books-January 30,1992

A Double Standard-Brian Urquhart-New York Review of Books-April 9,1992

Delusions of World Order-Stanley Hoffman-New York Review of Books-April 9,1992

To Protect the Kosovars-Joint Letter-New York Review of Books-July 19,1992

Yugoslavia:The Revenger's Strategy-Misha Glenny-New York Review of Books-August 13,1992

The Shame of Bosnia-William Pfaff-New York Review of Books-September 24,1992

Bosnia and the Balkans:An Exchange-Nora Beloff-New York Review of Books-October 8,1992

Bush Abroad-Stanley Hoffman-New York Review of Books-November 5,1992

Holocaust Heroes-Istvan Deak-New York Review of Books-November 5,1992

An Appeal-Joint Letter-New York Review of Books-February 11,1992

The Complacent Democracies-William Pfaff-New York Review of Books-July 15,1993

The Balkan Crisis: 1913 and 1993-New York Review of Books-July 15,1993

The Godfather of Bihac-Misha Glenny-New York Review of Books-August 12,1993

The Bosnian Catastrophe-Joint Letter-New York Review of Books-August 12,1993

The Bosnian Case-Kasim Trnka-New York Review of Books-September 23,1993

Godot goes to Sarajevo-Susuan Sontag-New York Review of Books-October 21,1993

Bosnia-The Tragic Prospect-New York Review of Books-November 4,1993

Kosovo Survives-Aryeh Neier-New York Review of Books-February 3,1994

The Madness of General Mladic-Robert Block-New York Review of Books-October 5,1995

Benevolent Dinosaur-Derek Beales-New york Review of Books- November 2,1995

The Birth of A Nation-Misha Glenny-New York Review of Books-November 16,1995

The Madness of General Mladic-David Binder-New York Review of Books-December 21,1995

Bosnia in Our Future-Timoth Garton Ash-New York Review of Books-Deecember 21,1995

On the Death of Mitterand-William Pfaff-New York Review of Books-February 15,1996

The Foul Balkan Sky-Robert Kaplan-New York Review of Books-March 21,1996

Bosnia-What the CIA Didn't Tell Us-Charles Lane and Thomas Shanker-New York Review of Books- May 9,1996

Europe:The Grand Illusion-Tony Judt-New York Review of Books-July 11,1996

Why the Balkans are so Violent?-Misha Glenny-New York Review of Books-September 19,1996

The Uses of Fascism-Robert Paxton-New York Review of Books-November 28,1996

Last Chance for Bosnia?-Warren Zimmerman-New York Review of Books-December 19,1996

In The Serbian Soup-Timothy Garton Ash-New York Review of Books-April 24,1997

Heart of Darkness-Misha Glenny New York Review of Books-August 14,1997

The U.S and the Yugoslav Catastrophe-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-November 20,1997-Part 1

America and the Bosnia Genocide-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-December 4,1997-Part 2

Bosnia:The Turning Point-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-February 5,1998-Part 3

Bosnia:Breaking the Machine-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-February 13,1998

Bosnia:the Great Betrayal-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-March 26,1998

Slouching toward Dayton-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-April 23,1998

Will There be a War in Kosovo?-Tim Judah-New York Review of Books- May 14,1998

Bad Blood-Warren Zimmerman-New York Review of Books-May 28,1998

How Milosevic Hangs On-Tim Judah-July 16,1998

The Killing Fields of Bosnia-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-September 24,1998

Impasse in Kosovo-Tim Judah-New York Review of Books-October 8,1998

Operation Storm-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-October 22,1998

Scholars against Milosevic-Joint Letter-November 5,1998

The Court the US Does'nt Want-Kenneth Roth-New York Review of Books-November 19,1998

New World Disorder-James Chace-New York Review of Books-December 17,1998

Cry, the Dismembered Country-Tomothy Garton Ash-New York Review of Books-January 14,1999

Prophet in the Ruins-Micahel Ignatieff-New York Review of Books-March 4,1999

The Puzzle of Eastern Europe-Timothy Garton Ash-New York Review of Books-March 18,1999

Land War in Kosovo-William Pfaff-New York Review of Books-May 6,1999

Endgame in Kosovo-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-May 6,1999

On Kosovo-The Reaso Why-Tony Judt-New York Review of Books-May 20,1999

On Kosovo-What is to be Done-Stanley Hoffman-New York Review of Books-May 20,1999

Human Rights:The Nidlife Crisis-Michael Ignatieff-New York Review of Books-May 20,1999

Milosevic's Final Solution-Warren Zimmerman-New York Review of Books-June 10,1999

Inside the KLA-Tim Judah-New York Review of Books-June 10,1999

Kosovo and the End of the Nationa State-Vaclav Havel -New York Review of Books-June 10,1999

Kosovo and Beyond-Timothy Garth Ash-New York Review of Books-June 24,1999

Uncovering Washington-Joan Didion-New York Review of Books-June 24,1999

Kosovo-The Meaning of Victory-Mark Danner-New York Review of Books-July 15,1999

The U.S and the World-Interview with George Kennan-New York Review of Books-August 12,1999

The Making of a Scapegoat-Brian Urquhart-New York Review of Books-August 12,1999


ABC News-A Beginners Guide to the Balkans
Air Force Link-US Air Force
Albanians in the Kosovo Region of  Yugoslavia
This report is part of the  Minorities at Risk Project  at the Univerisity of Maryland
Albania-A Country Study
Albanian World Wide Web Page
Albanian Terrorism in Kosvov and Metohia
Alternative Information Network on the Former Yugoslavia
Amnesty International-Human Rights in the Balkans
Amnesty International-Kosovo Page
Articles on KLA-Drugs-Mafia

BBC News-Balkans Flashpoint
Balkan Action Council
Balkans Special Report-Washington Post
Beta News Agency
Beyond 92:24 Online News Sources on Kosovo-Matt Welch-ONLINE JOURNALISM REVIEW
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Blic Press-Belgrade
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A bibliography compiled in 1997 at  Air University Library
Bosnian Institute
Bosnia Link-U.S Department of Defense
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British Helsinski Human Rights Group-Kosovo Page

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
CARE:Special Report-Kosovo
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Central Europe On-Line
 China:Embassy Bombing
 China Embassy Press Releases(Washington,D.C)
 China Homepage-U.S State Department
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Committee Against US Intervention
Contact Group on the Former Yugoslavia
Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms in Prishtina
Crisis in Kosovo-A CSIS Web Focus

The Dallas Morning News: Kosovo Conflict
DEFENSE LINK-Official Website of the U.S Department of Defense

Emergency Net News:Conflict in Kosovo
Expulsions of Albanians and Colonization of Kosovo
FAS Military Analysis Page-Target Kosovo
Federation of Atomic Scientists (FAS)
Federal Republic of Germany(In German) Kosov Information Page has an English Page
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
FOREIGN AFFAIRS magazine links resources
Free Serbia_Other Voices from Serbia
French Embassy(Washington,D.C)

German Anti-Guerrilla Operations in the Balkans
German Campaign in the Balkans(Spring 1941)
Ground Troops:Why NATO says No?-BBC

Homepage of Wolfgang Plarre-Kosova Links
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch-Crisis in Kosovo
Human Rights Watch-Kosovo
History Guy:Links for the Conflict in Kosovo

Institute of Journalism in Transition
World Socialist Web Site:Kosovo
Institute for East Central Europe-Columbia University
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia-United Nations
The International Journal of Albanian Studies
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International Crisis Group-Balkans
International Security-Belfer Center for Science and Intenrational Affairs-Harvard University

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Joint Chiefs Doubted Air
Joint Electronic Library-Joint Chiefs of Staff

On Kosovo:The Reason Why-Tony Judt-New York Review of Books-May 21.1999
On Kosovo:What is to be Done?-Stanley Hoffman-New York Review of Books-May21,1999
Kosovo's Next Masters? -Christopher Hedges-Foreign Affairs-May/June 1999
Kosovo-William Dorich-on-line book
Kosovo Origins-Hugo Roth-on-line book
Kosovo Chronicles-Prof. Dustan Batakovic-on-line book
Kosovo:From Crisis to a Permanent Solution-Carnegie Endowment
Kosovo Internet Resources-The Slavic Research Center-Hokkaido University
Kosova Liberation Peace Movement
Kosovo and Metohija:_The website of the Serbian Democratic Movement
Kosovo and Metohija:The Heart of Serbia
Kosovo and Metohija-Yugoslavian Govt.
Kosovo-Serbian Unity Congress
Kosova Crisis Center
Kosova Home Page
Kosova Info.Com
Kosova Information Center
Kosova Press
Kosova Task Force,U.S.A
Kosovo Net
The Kosovo Crisis-Prof.Julie Mertus

Legal Guide to the Kosovo Conflict
Los Angeles Times:Crisis in Kosovo

Making Sense of Kosovo-ABC NEWS
Media Centar Pristina
Mario's Cyberspace Station
Milosevic Interview-April 19,1999-Dr. Ron Hatchett
Milosevic Family Values-Laura Silber-The New Republic-8/30/99

Mother Jones:Kosovo Coverage
The New York Times(Registration Required)

NATO/IFOR Homepage
NATO Official Homepage
Network of East-West Women
Network of East-West Women:Kosova Update
Novi Sad:Municipal Page
NPR-Crisis on Kosovo
 The New Republic Many interesting articles on the conflict in the Balkans. Check out the archives.

Offensive in the Balkans-Yosef Bodansky
Out There Press-Kosovo Page
Ontario Consultants on Religious Intolerance
OnLine NewsHour-Strikes in Yugoslavia
OnLine Journalism Review
One World News;Kosovo Special Report
Operation Allied Force
Operation Kosova: Legal Relief Initiative for Refugees
Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe

Parameters-U.S Army War College Quarterly
Peoples Republic of China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Photographs of Nato Bombing-Serb TV
Presidence de la Republique(France)
Press Now

Radio 21-First Internet radio in Albania
Radio Free Europe:Nato Attacks Yugoslavia
Radio Television Serbia-News
Radio Television Serbia-Homepage

Rambouillet Negotiations
Refugees International
The Royal Air Force:Latest Kosovo News
Russian and East European Network Information Center(REENIC)

Salon.Com-War in Yugoslavia
Serbia Info.Com
Serbia Now
Serbian Unit Congress
The Serb-Albanian War, and International Community's Miscalculations-Shiansi A. Rama-International Journal of Albanian Studies2:1,Vol2,Spring 1998
Sino the Times-U.S-China Relations
Slate:The War in Kosovo
Sources on the Balkan Peninsula(New York Public Library)
Stop Nato Web Ring!
Srpska Mreza-Serbian Network
Stratfor.Com-Kosovo Crisis Center
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe(SHAPE)
The Sydney Morning Herald

Tabloid:Kosovo Coverage

U.S Department of State-Office of the Special Representative of the President and the Secretary of State  for the Implementation of the Dayton Accords
United States Information Agency-The Balkans Crisis
United States Information Agency-Kosovo Crisis
United States State Department-Updates on Kosovo
U.S Considers Kosovo
U.S Today:Crisis in Kosovo
United Kingdom-Ministry of Defense and Foreign Office-Kosovo-Nes,Background and Resources
U.K Ministry of Defense-Links
United Methodist  Committee on Relief
United Nations High Commission on Refugees
UNCHR:Kosovo Crisis Update
The United States Air Force
The United States Army
The United States Marine Corps
The United States Navy

Yahoo News-Kosovo
War Against Yugoslavia-INET
Washington Post. Com-The Balkans Report
Where they Stand on the Nato Air Strikes-BBC
Why Kosovo?Why Nato?Why Now?

Yugoslavia:A Country Study
Yugoslav News Periodicals-
Yugoslavia,1989-1996-Warren Zimmerman
Part of  RAND Corporation  study on  U.S and Russian Policymaking with Respect to Force

 Z Magazine Resources on Kosovo Crisis

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