Warfare in the Renaissance

The Art of Warfare-16th Century
A Study Guide for Elizabethan and Jacobean Literature
Comitatus:A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy-Jacob Burckhardt

Electrifying the Renaissance
English Civil War:   Canadian Forces College
Explorations in Renaissance Culture
Gerry and Julie's Landsknecht links
The Guild of St. Michael-German Landsknechts

The Humanist as reformer
Le Poulet Gauche
Lectures on Modern Eurpoean Intellectual History

Machiavelli Online
Medieval and Renaissance History-NYU
Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Washington and Lee University
Native American Conquest

Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
The Real Landsknechte Page
Spanish Armada:Canadian Forces College
The Renaissance Connection
The Renaissance Yahoo!
Renaissance Electronic texts
Rome Reborn;The Vatican Library and renaissance Culture

Shakespeare and the globe
16th Century English Renaissance Literature
Tyburn Tree:Public Execution in Early Modern England

UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Virtual Renaissance
Voice of the Shuttle:Engllish renaissance and 17th Century  Literature

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