A Brief History of the French and Indian War
Archiving Early America

Buffalo's Army Barracks
Cartographic Creation of New England
Colonial America
Colonial America Discussion Port
Bloody Culloden

Digital History,Ltd.
Dresden after the Seven Years War
The Early American Review
Ed Sanders Home Page
European Settlements and Tribes,1750
Eigthteenth-Century Resources

Fighting for Our Lives:Forgotten and Neglected Histories
Fortress of Louisburg
Fortress of Louisbourg-in French
Fort Frederick
Fort Loudon-a
Fort Necessity
Fort Stanwix
Fort William Henry
Frederick the Great,Seven Years War
The French and Indian War's Impact on America
French Marines of Detroit

Georgia before Ogelthorpe
Her Majesty's 64th Regiment of Foot
Index of the French and Indian War
Index of Piracy
International Society for 18th Century Studies

Jamestowne Society
Lake George and the Adirondacks
Les Coureurs de Bois de Fort de Chartres

Mayflower Web Pages
Map of North America,1763
Milice de Chambly

National Museum of the American Indian
Native American Indian Resources
Plimoth Plantation
Spanish Colonial military Artifacts
Prussian Army Organization,Seven Years War
The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

Religion and the Founding of America
1755:The French and Indian War
17th Century America
Selkirk Lighthouse Page

The Seven Years War association
The Seven Years War
Seven Years War Site
The Fortress Ring

Virginia Colonial records
Washington Triggers the Seven Years War

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