A-Bomb WWW Museum
The Official Web Site of General Paul W. Tibbets
Americal Division

Battling bastards of bataan
Bataan death March

Twelve Hundred Days
The Chinese Alliance for Commeration of the Victims of the Sino-Japanese War Victims
Chinese Military Forum
Comfort Women:A Web Reference

Enola Gay Perspectives
Errors in Our History

Guadalcanal Online

Iwo Jima

Japanese War Crimes
Japanese Surrender Documents
The Japanese Monographs of WWII
Center of Research and Documentation of Japan's War Responsibility

Kaysaysayan:Phillippine History 101
Kodiak , Alaska

The Macarthur Memorial
A Marine Diary: My Experiences at GuadalCanal
The Battle of Midway,1942
Return to Midway
Military Sexual Slavery by Japanese Soldiers
The Museum of the Nanjing massacre

The Northern Marianas Islands and World War II

The Pacific Air War
Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings
Pearl Harbor:Mother of All Conspiracies
Pearl Harbor Remembered
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Survivors Association

The Rape of Nanking
Remembering Nagasaki

The Battle off Samar,1944

Tribute to the Cactus Air Force

US Marines in World War II
US Strategic Bombing Campaign-Pacific
USS Arizona Museum Memorial Association
USS Arizona
USS Arizona and Pearl harbor remembered
USS Bowfin
USS Washington BB56

WWW Memorial Hall for the Victims of Nanjing Massacre
World War II-Okinawa and Iwo Jima
World War II in the Pacific

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