A Guide to Sources in Early Modern European Military History in Midwestern Research Libraries-John Lynn, George Satterfield

African-American Resources, Rutgers U.

Afro-Americans in the Revolutionary War

American and British History Sources on the Internet,Rutgers U.

American History:A Documentary Record,1492-1973

American History Out Line

American Independence    at  Internet Modern History SourceBook

American Revolution-H-Net

The American Revolution,1775-1783-Internet Resources

American Revolution in Georgia

The Access Indiana Teaching and Learning Center:United States History

The American Revolution:AITLC

American Revolution-AHA and ILT at Columbia University

American Revolution, A Revolution?

The American Revolution

American Revolutionary War Website

American Revolutionary Wars

American Revolutionary War Timeline

The Avalon Project:18th Century Documents

Arbuckles Fort

Archiving Early America

Benjamin Franklin:A Documentary History

The World of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin:An Enlightened American

The Betsy Ross Homepage

Bibliographies of the War of American Independence,OCMH

Black Heritage Walking Tour

The Black Patriots Foundation

Black Resistance, Slavery in the United States

The Continental Army-Robert K.Wright

Daniel Boone:Myth and Reality in American Consciousness

George Washington Speeches

Hargrett Rare Map Collection-UGA

Captain Nathan Hale

Colonial Hall

Concord Museum

Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution

Course Syllabi of Prof.John F. Guilmartin-OSU  and Online Notebook for European Warfare from the Renaissance through 1870

David Library of the American Revolution

Declaring Independence:Drafting the Document

Declaration of Independence

Early American Review

Drums Along the Mohawk

Eighteenth-Century Resources

Eighteenth Century Resources-Rutgers University

Major General Nathanael Greene

The Federalist Papers

Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution

Fort Griswold

The Franco-American Alliance during the Revolutionary War

From Revolution to Reconstruction

Frontier Press Bookstore-The Revolutionary War

Herkimer Home Revolutionary War Site,NYS

Hispanics in American History,Spanish Colonial Militia

Lake Champlain Museum

Liberty!The American Revolution

Living History Association

Loyalist,British Songs and Poetry of the American Revolution

Maps of the United States

Maryland Loyalists and the American Revolution

Michael Meals Revolutionary War Web Site

Military Actions of the Revolution

Monte George's Home Page

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

New Jersey Historical Documents

New Jersey in the American Revolution

Online Bookshelves-The War of American Independence-OCMH

Thomas Paine National Historic Foundation

Public Records Office(UK)

The Papers of George Washington

The Revolutionary War :A Journey to Freedom

The Paul Revere House

Rangers in Colonial and Revolutionary America

Revolutionary War Links

Revolution Links-H-Net

Seacoast New Hampshire-New Hampshire Colored Patriots

Slave Narratives

Slave Movement During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Spirit of 76,Delaware Valley

Staff Rides:Lexington,BunkerHill,Monmouth,Saratoga-WPI Army ROTC

The Newport Bookstore

Third Person, First Person-Slave Voices from the Duke University Collections

The Oneida Indian Nation

The On-Line Institute of Advanced Loyalist Studies

The War for American Independence-The Rev. War in NE Pa.

The U.S Revolution for Independence

Uniforms of the American Revolution

United States Naval History:The American Revolution

University of Calgary_The Applied History Research Group  Multi-Media History Tutorials

Web Resources for Military History-Richard Jensen


Causes of the American Revolution

Eighteenth Century Resources

Johnny Tremain:The Revolutionary War

History 120:Early American Civilization

National Center for History Standards

Trackstar:Causes and Effects of the American Revolution

Voice of the Shuttle:US History


A Chronology of US Documents

Battles of the American Revolution

Digital History,Ltd-The French and Indian War

Documentary Chronology of the United States,1751-1800

Documents in Military History

Intelligence in the War of Independence-OCDI

Major General Nathanel Greene's Role in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution,December 1780 to December 1781-Michael David Kennedy

NPS:Military-Revolutionary War National Parks with a Revolutionary War theme at  Links to the Past:Cultural Resources at the NPS

Military History:American revolution;1775-1783 at the  War,Peace and Security Guide of the Canadian Forces College

US Army Military History Institute: Revolutionary War,1775-1783

The Origin and Evolution of the National Military Park Idea-Ronald F. Lee,1973

West Point Fortifications Staff Ride


Population Density,1775

Give Me liberty or Give me Death-Patrick Henry , March 23,1775

Yankee Doodle

Battle Road Resources

The Battle of Lexington/Concord

Lexington and Concord,1775

The Battle of Bunker Hill

Operations around Boston(1775-1776)


Declaration of Independence-July 4,1776

Invasion of Canada,1775-1776

Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms-July 6,1776

Moores Creek National Battlefield(Location Map)

Moores Creek National Battlefield(Park Map)

Common Sense-Thomas Paine,1776

Operations around New York and New Jersey(1776-1777)

 The Battle for Sullivans Island,1776

The Battle of Trenton-Robert Sulenic


From the Diary of Albigence Ward, Surgeon at Valley Forge,1777

Campaign of 1777

Burgoyne's Expedition,1777

Battle of Fort Montgomery,1777

Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress:October 14,1777

USMA-Saratoga StaffRide Notecards

The Saratoga Campaign-WPI ROTC

Saratoga Historical National Park Website

Battle of Brandywine,1777

Operations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey,1777-1778

1777:The Oneida's and the Birth of American Nation

Brandywine Battlefield

The Philadeplhia Campaign,1777

The Articles of Confederation-Nov 15,1777


Valley Forge

Operations in the Carolinas,1778-1781

The Battle of Monmouth



American Revolution in the South

The South,1780

The Battle of Camden,South Carolina,August 18,1780-LTC H.L Sanders

Historical Statements Concerning the Battle of King's Mountain-70th Congress-1928

The Battle at Kings Mountain

Kings Mountain National Military Park

Major General Nathanel Greene

Major General Nathanel Greene's Role in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution,December 1780 to December 1781-Michael David Kennedy


The South,1781

Historical Statements Regarding the Battle of Cowpens-70th Congress-1928

The Battle at Cowpens

Cowpens National Battlefield (Park Features-1995)

Cowpens National Battlefield (Battle Map-1995)

The Battle of Cowpens:The Web Wargamer

Guilford Courthouse National Military Pary(North Carolina) Regional Map

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park(North Carolina) Park Map
Primary Sourcebook for the 1781 Guilford Courthouse Campaign

Operations in Virginia,1781

The Virginia Campaign and the Blockade and Seige of Yorktown,1781-COL. H.L Landers

The Southern Campaign,1781

The Virginia Campaign,1781

Strategical Map of Activities in the North: The March of the French and American Armies in 1781

Strategical Map of the West Indies


Native American Tribes,1783

The Paris Peace Treaty,1783

Yorktown Victory Center


American Units-Reenactors

The Brigade of the American Revolution

Captain John Outwater's Company of Militia

Catalonian Volunteers of Arizona

The Corps of Sappers and Miners

Crockett's Western Battalion

Culpeper Minute Battalion

Daniel Morgan's Rifle Company

Glovers Marblehead Regiment

The Quokataug Rangers

2nd Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Line

2nd Massachusetts Regiment

2nd New Hampshire Regiment,Continental Line

2nd North Carolina Regiment of the Line

2nd North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line

2nd Rhode Island Regiment

4th Continental Light Dragoons, Larkin's Troop

1st Maryland Regiment

7th Virginia regiment of the Line

7th Virginia Regiment

Second Company, Governor's Foot Guards

Shelby'd Volunteers

6th Regiment,Connecticut Continental Line

United States Units


The British Army in the American War of Independence-4th Coy.,Guards Brigade

British Units

The British Brigade

Butler's Rangers

Company of Light Infantry,8th Regiment of Foot

Crown Forces in America Webring,1775-1783

84th Regiment of Foot

King's Rangers,Breakenridges Company

Kings Rangers,Haydens Company

Kings Rangers,Ruiters Company

The King's Regiment of Foot

King's Royal New Yorker's

Loyalist Units

Royal Welsh Fusilers in America

Three Loyalist Units

33rd Regiment of Foot


The Black Hessians

The Hessian Web Ring

Brunswick Regiment Von Brauner Site

Infanterie Regiment Von Donop

Various Hessian Links

Hesse-Kassel Jaeger Korps


85th Regiment de Saintonge

French Units

Expedition Paticuliere

Royal DeuxPonts

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