SARAI-South Asian Resource Access on the Internet

 Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library

 Asia Society-Links

 Yahoo Full Coverage-India-Pakistan Conflict

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS- Foreign Affairs Magazine Internet Links

 Human Rights Watch

 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

 Global Beat

 Institute for Defence Studies-New Delhi

 Maps of Asia-University of Texas-The Perry-Castaneda Map Collection

 Strategic Analysis-A Monthly Journal of IDSA-April 1997-present

 Security and Political Risk Analysis(SAPRA)-India

 Military Articles on Kargil Conflict-SAPRA

 Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies-New Delhi

 The Henry Stimson Center-Confidence Building Measures in South Asia

 Arms Control,Disarmament and International Security(ACDIS)-University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign-Publications

 Center for Non-Proliferation Studies

 South Asian Citizens Web

 Yahoo! Pakistan Links

 Yahoo! India Links


 Army in Kashmir:The Truth About Kashmir-Indian Army

 Indian Armed Forces:Kargil Update

 Crisis in Kargil-Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

 Official Website of the Indian Armed Forces


 Kargil-Maps of the Current Conflict in Kashmir-India Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 India Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Kargil

 India's Secret Army in Kashmir-Human Rights Watch-May 1996

 India:Arms and Abuses in India Punjab and Kashmir- Human Rights Watch-September 1994

 Ethnic Cleansing Glimpses:The Ethnic Cleansing Map of Sringar

 Kashmir Information Network

 Kashmir-Legal Documents-Kashmir Information Network

 Kashmiri American Council


 India-Pakistan-The Military Balance-1985-1994-Arun Singh

 Bharat Rakshak-Consortium of Indian Military Web Sites

 India and Pakistan-Fifty Years of Independence-CNN

 India Ministry of External Affairs

 Bharatiya Janata Pary-India

 The Government of Pakistan-Foreign Relations

 India-Human Rights Developments-HRW

 Pakistan-Human Rights Developments-HRW

 Indian National Congress Party

 Interview with Group Captain D N Ganesh-Indian Air Force-June 14,1999

 Defenders of Pakistan


 Islamic Republic of Pakistan

 The 1971 India-Pakistan War Site

 Alok's Nest-The Indian Air Force Page

 Pawan Kauls Indian Air Force Page

 Jagan's Indian Air Force Site

 Armed Indian Air Force Aircraft


Nuclear Testing in Pakistan and India:Selected Internet Resources-U.C Berkeley

South Asian Nuclear Tests-ACDIS

Brookings Institution:Research on South Asia

Carnegie Endowment for Intenrtional Peace:South Asian Nuclear Crisis

Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers:India and Pakistan Nuclear tests and the Test Ban Treaty

The Acronym Institute:Indian and Pakistani Nuclear Tests

Center for Non-Proliferation Studies:South Asia

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

The Impact of the South Asian Nuclear Crisis on the Nonproliferation Regime-July 16,1998-Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

South Asia After the Tests? Where do we go from here?-Asia Society-July 1,1998

India-Pakistan :Nuclear Control Institute

Nuclear Control Institute

South Asians Against Nukes

Federatiom of Atomic Scientists:India-Pakistan Nuclear Crisis

Trinity Atomic Web Site

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