Accord:An International Review of Peace Initiatives
African Human Rights Center
Africa South of the Sahara:Selected Internet Sources(Stanford)
Air University Library
The American Enterprise Institute for Policy Research
Association of the U.S Army
American Political Science Association
Armed Forces Staff College (Internet resources)
The Arms Control Association

Belfer Center for Science and International Security Affairs-JFKSchool,Harvard
Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy
Bibliography-Peace Keeping Operations-UN
Bonn International Center for Conversion
The Brookings Institution
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Carnegie Corporation
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carter Center
Center for Army Lessons learned
Center for Defense Information
Centre for Defence and International Security Affairs Studies
The Center for Economic Research Policy-Stanford University
Center for International Security and Arms Control-Stanford University
The Center for Political and Strategic Studies
Center for Strategic and International Studies
The Chemical Weapons Convention Website
The Cold War History International History Project
Combined Arms Center
Council on Foreign Relations
Dag Hammarskjold Library-UN
Danish Institute of International Affairs
Derechos:Human Rights

The Electronic Embassy
Federation of Atomic Scientists
Foreign Military Studies Office
Foreign Policy Association

Hoover Institution
Human Rights Web
Initiative on Conflict resolution and Ethnicity
International Affairs Network-WWW Virtual Library
International Centre for Security Analysis
International Crisis Group
The International Institute for Strategic Studies
International Security Policy and Military Affairs-Lehman library,Columbia university
International Studies Association
Institute for National Security Studies

Janes Online

Marine Corps University

National Defense University
National War College
National Security Org(Heritage Foundation)
The Naval PostGraduate School
Naval War College
NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks

Rongstad's Worldwide Military Links

Strategic Assessment
Strategic Studies Institute Hotlinks
Strategtic Studies Network

United States Air Force
U.S Army
U.S Coast Guard
U.S Department of Defense-Defense Link
U.S Marine Corps
U.S Navy
U.S Army Training and Doctrine Command

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