NYMAS Fall 2006 Conference
Preliminary Program Outline

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NYMAS Fall 2006 Conference

TOPIC : "Novelists and Historians: Telling a Compelling Story & Keeping the Facts Straight"

DATE:  20-21 October 2006

PLACE: CUNY Graduate Center, Fifth Avenue at 34th Street.

Program Outline

Object: To put some novelists who’ve done “period pieces” together with some historians who are specialists in those periods, to talk about the interrelationship of art and history, questions of accuracy vs. the demands of story telling, and so forth.

§         Friday, 20 October, 7:00-9:00: Introductory session, during which the novelists will read some portions of their work, followed by Q&A and general discussion.

§         Saturday, 21 October, 9:30-12:00 & 2:00-4:30.  A full panel.  The novelists will each make short presentations discussing their work and their approach to integrating historical material while trying to keep the story vital.  This will be followed by a conversational interchange among the novelists and historians.  The program will conclude with participation by members of the audience.

NYMAS events are free to the public.  Several previous events have been on C-SPAN’s “Book Notes.”



Suggested Reading: In addition to the novels noted above, attendees may wish to read the interesting article by Cornell’s Prof. Carol Kammen, “ . . . on the Value of Historical Fiction,” History News,  Summer 2003, available online at http://www.atlasbooks.com/hillsongpress/perspectives.htm

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