WORLD WAR I (extensive)
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The Aerodrome:Aces and Aircraft of WW1
Morris Chaim Blake of the Jewish Legion
The British Army in WW 1
British Posters of World War 1

Rupert Brooke on Skyros
The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke (Gutenberg online edition)

The Canadian Great War Homepage

Documents of World War 1
Fairies and Fusilers-Robert Graves (Bartleby online edition)
The Robert Graves Information Center
Focus on Robert Graves and his Contemporaries
German War Poetry
Internment of Ukranians in Canada,1914-1920


Italian War Poetry

The Heritage of the Great War
Randolph Bourne
The Great War and the Shaping of the Twentieth Century (PBS Documentary)
The Great War-Hellfire Corner
Great War Historical Society
The Great War Page
The Hydra
Latvian Army in World War 1


Over the Front:League of World War ! Aviation Historians

The Second Battle of the Marne River
Somme Heritage Center
The Story of Battery D
Submarines of the Great War


Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature:First World War Poetry at Oxford
The Great War
World War 1 Document Archive
World War 1 Aviation Links


World War 1 Political Cartoons
World War 1 Fighters
World War 1: Trenches on the Web


Siegfried Sassoon,War Poems

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