The Webmaster's Finds and Favorites
  • Photos and Maps

To illustrate the announcement of the weekly NYMAS lecture, I'm always looking for an appropriate historical photo or map. It must be royalty and permission free. By far the best place I've found is the National Archives' 100,000+ on-line items at Their NAIL search engine is fast and accurate and the collection is growing.  Poster

  A couple more good sources found in the quest for Public Domain graphics are The Lycos Image Gallery and the extraordinary site of the Federation of American Scientists' Imagery Intelligence Gallery that has aerial photos you didn't know were public. (Also has a great index of official government Web Pages.)


  • Pyschological Warfare

We don't have enough items to make a Guide yet, but Pys War has some interesting sites, historical and current. See The Psywar Society Home Page billed as An International Association of Collectors of Aerial Propaganda Leaflets and Psychological Warfare Historians. Also, The Propaganda Pages and Psywar UK which describes itself as A Forum for the Study of Psychological Warfare and Aerial Propaganda Leaflets.


  • In general

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